Past Rishi,

This week, you will face the


cue ominous music

Remember how you spent a week trying to decide what blogging platform to go with your personal blog? There were just too many options.

Well, you have to go through it again, but for


cue ominous music

Landing page builders are a dime a dozen, just like blogging platforms.

My problem was that I wanted a solution made building landing pages as easy as 1-2-3, but I also didn’t want to pay…

Young Rishi, I’m here to tell you that solution does not exist.

  • LeadPages is expensive, and without Stripe integration. Also, the template library was a bit intimidating, not super easy to use. Assuming Unbounce and Instapage are similar.
  • WordPress was also not smooth sailing. It turns out the nice landing page builder plugins are not free, so it isn’t cheaper to use Wordpress. You were planning the Quickapply blog, so you made some effort towards that, but organizing the pages and picking a theme all felt like a hassle.
  • Switching away from Carrd because though cheap, getting the landing page the way I wanted felt pretty tough. Price unbeatable though.

Just settle for

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 8.31.49 PM.png

Only slightly cheaper than LeadPages, but includes Stripe integration, also includes a blog feature. Super easy to use. Instead of throwing you a template library, it has you build a landing page out of landing page ingredients, just like Landing Page Cookbook does.

You can also attach a blog to your Landen landing page, but if the functionality turns out to be too limited, just use Wordpress, and match the fonts to the landing page.

Have a nice week, Future/present Rishi