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A Hilarious Game to Share with Old and New Friends

My brother and I found an app on the iPhone App Store called 2 Player Games: The Challenge.

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 9.03.20 PM.png

It’s a simple app with over a dozen two player games. You play them huddled with a friend over one phone. I was surprised how much I laughed with my brother over these simple one minute games.

We took turns playing the game briefly with someone we don’t know too well today—my mom’s friend’s daughter. It led to a whole laughing in just a few minutes… it’s a silly set of games.

I especially love the sumo wrestling one, where you’re trying to push each other out of the ring… it’s such a stupid game and it’s hard not to laugh.

I want to use the app whenever I’m waiting somewhere with someone. Sure, I can hold a conversation with people, but it’s nice to have this game I can whip out for a change of pace.

Check it out! https://apps.apple.com/bm/app/2-player-games-the-challenge/id1465731199

Stay tuned for more tips on connecting with people/bringing people together, I love that stuff.