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how i do it all (i don't)

A reader asked me a couple questions after my last article.

Here are my answers.

How do I do all that I do? I give the appearance of doing a lot, from blogging, personal development, work, socializing, etc. Do I ever get tired or burnt out?

  • I definitely get tired and burnt out. I am pretty prone to overcommitting and then suddenly drop my previous goals or commitments.
  • Like, notice I'm starting this blog post at 2am... and have a call to be up for at 9...
  • I read a lot and know too much about best practice and it adds up to so much to do sometimes. And then eventually I stop doing it...
  • Truthfully, I don't adhere to half of what I say on the blog. I believe what I say on here, but it's hard to actually do all of it. Remember this when you read bloggers!
  • That said, I've gotten better at doing what feels right to me. There are certain things that bring me joy, and other things that are a drag. I'm a lot better at noticing that in my body now. So you might see me learning Korean and reading and writing but I really do enjoy those things. There are other actions that feel more unnatural like cooking (though I do want to cook more ahhh). It would be pretty unnatural for me to do startups again, right now (just the way it feels in my body). I would encourage everyone to do what brings them joy in their body.
  • Relatedly, I also care about my hobbies the right amount, which helps me "be productive". I've dropped my current hobbies each before so I know they aren't really mandatory in the grand scheme of things. So it actually becomes easier to do them because I'm not taking them as seriously (people tend to procrastinate on things they take too seriously).
  • I am a productivity boi so some of it just might be that
  • I'm also single and just truly have a lot of time lol

I sometimes feel like doing nothing all day. Do we really have to be productive every day?

  • The last article is misleading because I'm actually a huge fan of idle time. I basically did nothing scheduled most of last weekend and it was great. Just walked and wandered, watched kdramas and read, journaled a bit.
  • A book I'm reading encourages 15 minutes at least of doing nothing every day. I believe that's so important for your mind to settle and be OK with stillness and boredom.
  • “All of humanity's problems, stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - Blaise Pascal
  • Also. I truly believe that we don't need to do anything particular in this life. Personally, I'm just here to vibe. So if I do nothing on a given day, I definitely believe that's totally okay. That said, I like to pay attention to my body. Sometimes I lay in bed for too long and I need a walk. Or I feel bored and need an outlet. But ultimately what I do is unimportant in the grand scheme of things and that's okay!
  • I really fuck with what Jin from BTS has to say on do-nothing days: