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idiot proof ways to use phone less

idiot proof ways to use phone less
Photo by Gilles Lambert / Unsplash

Here are some set it and forget it hacks to use your phone less.

Level 3 gets real interesting...

Level 1: Set phone to grayscale

Grayscale => less phone pickups, less screen time

Especially if you use apps with lots of photo and video

Level 2: Auto-set phone to grayscale (every day at sunrise)

I found it easy to toggle grayscale off, then never toggle it back on.

This fixes that:

Here's how to set this up - it's easy, you set it up once and forever benefit from it

Note Apple makes it easy to toggle grayscale if you search "Color Filters", which is convenient for when you do need color:

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Level 3: Auto-set wifi and cellular to OFF (every day at sunrise)

Today I woke up and read my Kindle for 10 minutes instead of going on my phone

I wasn't even trying to be intentional, I just had the space to think before using the Internet and decided it could wait


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yes I need to charge my phone

Level 4: Auto-set grayscale + wifi/cellular OFF (multiple times a day)

Why stop at once per day :)

I have my settings set to toggle after lunch, after work, at bedtime, and at sunrise right now.

It's helpful because it truly stops notifications!

Level 5: Give your phone to your friend and tell them to not give it to you for a week

Figure out 2FA for work first, but... everything else you can wing it. Yes even Google Maps

I did this in 2022 and it was kind of fun and educational

One day I'll get a flip phone

Ideally you sleep enough and meditate more so you have control of your mind, your phone be damned

But that's much easier said than done.

In the meanwhile we have these no-downside hacks to try :)