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i'm going on a ten day silent meditation retreat

i'm terrified lol. 10h of meditating a day. for 10 days. no talking. no phones. only vegetarian fare, and also you have to wake up at 4am every day.

but at the same time excited to level up my practice and thus my experience of life 💪

i'll resume writing when i get back.

i'm doing the Goenka Vipassana retreat, which might just be the most reputed one. you can find this style of retreat through this site. they have centers all across the world.

don't expect it to be easy to book though. they're free and quality, so very popular. i tried to book in January, but they were all booked.

you have to book 3 months in advance to ensure a slot. i signed up on midnight October 19th for this retreat in December.

here's a review of the experience from the internet.

I'm going to one in Kelseyville, CA. carpooling with a few strangers.

wish me luck 🤞