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life is perfect as it is

life is perfect as it is
Photo by Luba Ertel / Unsplash

When I was 22, I gave too many fucks.

I needed life to turn out a certain way.

  • I needed to live in a certain city.
  • I needed to keep certain friends.
  • I needed to achieve my dreams.

In the end, things didn’t go as planned. I moved away from that certain city. I lost touch with many friends. And I didn’t quite achieve my dreams.

Yet it turned out alright.

The truth is you don’t need to do anything particular in your life. Because at some point you will die and it will all be moot.

Personally, I started adopting the mindset of “oh, I don’t need to live life a particular way,” after traveling to Mexico and seeing backpackers living unconventional lives. Specifically, I met too many Europeans backpacking until they ran out of money. A lot of them didn’t have what I considered mandatory for life - jobs or callings or relationships. Or money for that matter. But they were making it work.

The real key ingredient to a good life? Perspective.

Adopt the perspective of the have-nots - the people who don’t have whatever it is you cling to. For every single thing you cling to - challenge yourself to see why you DON’T need that thing.

Or even better, adopt the perspective of the Universe lovingly observing itself. You happen to be you. But you could just easily be anyone else:

Imagine you are sitting in a room looking at things in the room. Now imagine if everything that is "you" was suddenly yanked out of the room but perception of the room remained. The room is experiencing itself and there isn't a "you" involved in any of it.

The less attached you are to You, the kinder and more peaceful you’ll be.

Your life is perfect as it is.

If only you’d see it that way.