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pre glow up habits

pre glow up habits
Marie Kondo doing her fold

Habits/systems to get more out of your existing wardrobe:

  • Do the laundry more often (e.g. once a week). Then you can access your best clothes more frequently. Also, laundry is more pleasant when done more often. I'm embarrassed to be sharing this one but I hope it helps someone.
  • Set up the clothes in your wardrobe to be entirely viewable at a glance. If you can see all your clothes, you can more easily wear your best. I achieved this by getting a 6-drawer chest and using the Marie Kondo fold. This approach to managing lightly worn clothing helped too.
Close up of vertically folded clothing
a drawer using the Marie Kondo fold

I've been following these tips for a few months and it's been a big help.

Also, try setting up your desk as a vanity. It's nice to do your skincare routine sitting down.