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9 reasons why I love my watch

9 reasons why I love my watch

Over the summer, I bought a Casio F-91W. I freaking love it.

Here's why:

  1. I love that it's a digital watch. I love that as a result, I actually know the time. I suck at reading analog timepieces, so I've never been on top of the time in this way before. I now manage my time better, because I always know the time e.g. I'm better at stopping socializing so I can get home and go to bed.
  2. I love the setting to have the watch beep every hour. This quiet beep has gone a long way in helping me know the time.
  3. I love that I can also read the date. I use this a lot. And the seconds!
  4. I love that I'm in good company wearing it — Obama wore one, as well as... Osama bin Laden.
  5. I love that it's from the 80's. Retro.
  6. I love how it looks and I love that it fits my smol wrist. I've always liked smaller watch dials.
  7. I love that it's durable and I can wear it to the gym. I lost the crown of my last watch at the gym 😢
  8. I love that it feels minimalist and functional, rather than extravagant. And, I feel a peace of mind knowing I'm wearing something <$25 that can be replaced. I have broken a watch and I have lost a watch (Rishi how the $&*% did you lose a watch that was on your wrist...) so I appreciate this.
  9. I love that there are other colors and one day I hope to buy a more fun color like orange, or maybe the silver or gold version.
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It's the right watch for me 🤗