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4 poems to live your life by

4 poems to live your life by
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash


I bite into a mango
Juice drips down my chin
My hair gone gray
I am older and bolder
I look back; the story makes sense
Life gets warmer not colder
I've developed presence


In the space between my legs
A cat brushes past
I sigh
Isn't this life enough?


My niece and I
Walk to preschool
Her hand in mine
I feel grand

the dachshund and his mistress

A dashing dachshund
He is in anguish
He is in pursuit

A young miss of eight years
Hides behind a tree
The object of his search
She giggles

Our hero yelps
His anxiety is immense
But at last he catches
Her scent

The pair reunite
They rejoice
He leaps into her arms
And they walk gaily west

God damn
There are nice things in this world
We're such morons
We forget them
Consumed by our egos

Inspiration: Life of Ram, Life of Ram, Anxious People, Franny and Zooey