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your flaws don't make you less of a person

your flaws don't make you less of a person
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Accept your flaws.

It's easy to say, but it's not easy to internalize.

I'm more comfortable accepting my own insecurities now, thanks to reading a particular scene from the book City of Girls.

In the scene, the main character tells her friend he's not less of a person. Her friend is a World War 2 veteran, who is ashamed of his lack of bravery in the war.

It's a good old parked car therapy session.

Here, read this:

You have a certain nature. You have some flaws.

And you probably have a flaw that causes you deep anguish. (Everybody does. I know I do.)

That's okay. We all still love you! You're wonderful.

It's not that you can't improve on your flaws, of course. #growthmindset. But it's important to accept yourself as you are.

Your flaws don't make you less of a person.

P.S. Read City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's a delight!