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bath 🛁

bath 🛁
Photo by Jared Rice / Unsplash

god. i had a bath today and now i understand self care

bubbles were involved

i had that experience where time slows down and you're able to forget your worries. that experience that people often travel for, but can be found without too.

my chest had been so tight, and that tension went away and i was at such ease. it felt like such, such, such a gift.

people hype up onsens and jjimjilbangs and the russian bathhouse in williamsburg, and now i get it. the pause you get - divine.

honestly, i got to get some perspective and i realized how stressed i've been lately. and man, why do i let anything fuck me like that? it's not worth it.

in this moment, all i want is to enjoy the little things in life. that and to share that joy with people in my life. and also take part in that social warmth and sense of community. gezelligheid.

i know unpleasant emotions are a part of life and to be accepted and are an opportunity for growth too.

but today, we bliss out and enjoy 👌