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best of James Quiambao 7/4/24

I've been following James since he started writing on January 1, 2020.

Actually, we started writing together on that day - I published daily with him for a couple months. Then I dropped off but he kept writing daily and 4.5 years later... we're roommates and also he's written 1647 pieces.

His pieces are short yet pack a punch.

The best writing stays with you and his ideas have very much snuck into my worldview, especially my perspectives on fashion.

Now here are my favorite recent posts of his.



  • Curiosity is Charisma - The story in this post has stuck with me. I believe in the concept so much. I also believe so much in curiosity. It is THE key to appreciating people and life, so I appreciate how much James writes about curiosity.
  • On Showing Up Daily - This visual stuck with me and brought me peace on my not-so-perfect days.
  • Choose One Goal - YES! James doesn't publish a lot about his process to projects but IMO this gets at his success
  • Everyone Needs Copium - I started noticing copium more after this post. Copium is a part of life - not an excuse to ignore it but choose your copium wisely.
  • You Don't Need Inspiration - This is incredibly provocative to read as a modern writer. Modern writers are inundated with content, and don't spend enough time trusting their own brain or penultimate sources (nature, people IRL, etc)