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predictions for 2034

In 2034, I'll be 37.

I anticipate the following odds for me in 2034:


  • Have long term partner: 90% chance
  • Have at least one child: 85%

Career and Finances

  • Make a living as a product manager: 50% chance
  • Make a living through writing and info products: 50%
  • Make a living as a software engineer: 10%
  • Working on a software business I started: 30%
  • Am financially independent: 10%


  • Learning Korean: 30% chance
  • Listens to kpop and watches kdramas regularly: 60%
  • Completed an extended stay at a monastery: 80%
  • Meditates: 100%
  • Blogs monthly: 80%
  • Blogs weekly: 40%


  • Live in NYC: 50% chance
  • Live in Bay Area, CA: 50%
  • Live in Socal: 30%


  • Has hair on head: 50% chance
  • Can bench 225 lbs: 60%
  • Uses an iPhone: 70%

I seem to have confidence on the family front. Meanwhile, career odds are all over the place. Hobbies and locations I know can be passing clouds on the decade time scale. And the hair... we'll see.

It's interesting to make predictions instead of set goals - it leaves room for the unpredictability of life.

Yet, this exercise reveals opportunities for me to be more in the driver's seat in life, particularly around figuring out longer term career plans 🤔 and working on my bench lol

Inspired by Tynan reflecting on predictions he made in 2014 for 2024.