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the amazing and soothing power of solo dance parties

the amazing and soothing power of solo dance parties
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Dance is a top treatment for depression.

"They buried the lede on this new study. It's not that exercise beats out SSRIs for depression treatment, but that *just* dancing has the largest effect of *any treatment* for depression." Erik Hoel.
study has some issues but the point stands

Anyone can dance.

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Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert shares her dance routine.


Dance brings joy because it's a left brain activity.

  • Left brain is creative and blissful
  • Right brain is analytical and anxious

Left brain activities help you access joy... whether it be dance, drawing, painting

what are you waiting for

get up and dance!

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"i'm gonna be a bad boy" this 2008 song hella had me feeling myself this week ngl

Also, whoops. Turns out I wrote about this in 2023. From an entirely different angle.