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dance breaks

dance breaks
Photo by Drew Colins / Unsplash

i've been researching how to keep my body healthy while working a remote desk job. i've realized how wonderful working on the floor is for this (for me), supporting in strength, mobility, flexibility. i blogged about it a couple days ago and i've been experimenting with it this week. so far, it's great. i naturally switch positions often (which is what physical therapists tell us to do, the best position is the next one) and i also get feedback from my body every once in a while to stretch, or stand up and move.

(personally, i always want to run away from my desk after some time because of discomfort. now i can just switch positions, which is far less distracting.)

i think this is most of the way there, especially combined with yoga, cardio, and strength training outside of work.

but that said, i'm realizing even if you're in different positions on the floor, you're still ultimately sedentary, which is not great. unless you move every 15-30 minutes, you're exposed to cardiovascular risk at minimum. (shoutout to this smart chair founder for tipping me off to this on Reddit. check out their smart chair by the way, if you want the benefits of switching positions without being on the floor).

then the question becomes, how do you take a movement break every 15-30 minutes in this modern age? perhaps it is as simple as pacing indoors. on the internet, i've realized a lot of the people in the modern age that walk 10,000 steps a day actually walk indoors - and not with a treadmill. as one example, one lady on Medium walks while reading, while watching TV. she recommends it and says it's easy after a while. i've seen many examples of this now.

i haven't quite nailed that practice yet, though i do want to. the idea i had today was to try a dance break to get in my movement after 15-30 minutes. it feels a little more natural and fun, compared to pacing indoors (though i still want to nail the latter).

i'm getting back into ABBA so this is great timing for this dance break plan LOL

of course, dance breaks every 15-30 minutes are not always doable - that's just the ideal. i had like a 3 hour meeting block today lol. but we can try.