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it might be the last time - This Time Tomorrow

i wrote a post earlier this month on how i've been trying to develop gratitude. i specifically wrote about how i found it helpful to remember that each moment could be the last of its kind.

there'll be a last time you go on a hike or a trip with your parents. there'll be a last time you visit your university. a last time you visit a given city or country. a last day at your job, with your current coworkers. a last time you rock climb, ski, or write a blog post. a last time you live with roommates. a last time a certain friend texts you. a last time you eat a certain favorite restaurant. a last music festival. the last time you go clubbing or karaoke.

i can't express how helpful i've found this attitude. i've let it permeate my thoughts and every moment feels more precious and it snaps me into appreciating it.

this week, i've been reading the novel, This Time Tomorrow, and it's helping me cultivate this attitude (and is also just such a good book). the concept is a 40 year old woman, who ends up going back in time to when she was 16 (she wakes up and her 16 year old body). among other things, she is able to go back in time and marvel and appreciate her friends and family.

the book's main character Alice is self aware and grateful and kind of already realizes the nature of life and the passing of time and how precious everything really is. (it's literary fiction and shares a lot of her psyche.)

it's really helped me realize that i'm living the good old days - now. my 40 year old self would find it an absolute trip to visit my current life. who knows how much longer i'll live in williamsburg (and get to go on walks by the river!), stay in touch with my current friends, get the alone time i do, enjoy my job and coworkers. it's all precious.

such a good book - check it out!!!