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how to develop gratitude

i've decided to try to make a real attempt at bringing gratitude in my life, and so i did some research. what's the best way to practice gratitude?

the most practical way is what we've all heard - regularly counting your blessings, be it three things in the morning with a gratitude journaling app, or at dinner with an amen.

i don't want to discount such a straightforward method, but i was hoping for a more interesting answer, which i finally found on Reddit, where the top commenter suggested going on regular walks in cemeteries.

tbh i don't doubt this method's efficacy. so i found myself spending ten minutes looking for cemeteries near me 😂  cuz truly, all you need in life is a gym, a grocery store and a cemetery ☠️

that said, what really helped me be grateful in the last week is remembering a lesson i've heard from Sam Harris and some others - that each moment could be the last of its kind.

there'll be a last time you go on a hike or a trip with your parents. there'll be a last time you visit your university. a last time you visit a given city or country. a last day at your job, with your current coworkers. a last time you rock climb, ski, or write a blog post. a last time you live with roommates. a last time a certain friend texts you. a last time you eat a certain favorite restaurant. a last music festival. the last time you go clubbing or karaoke.

no moment in time lasts forever. it's one of life's truths. life is finite.

personally, i have a certain wording with which i remember this lesson: the good old days? i'm living them.