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working on the floor

i went down a furniture free living rabbit hole (again, i do this like once a year). related, i hung out with our neighbor's 5yo and 10yo on Saturday and they were just so agile, mobile and flexible. (they also did gymnastics, so not just natural.)

i want that same health (and hip mobility) for myself, and i found myself trying to figure out how to get that while working a 9 to 5 job at the computer.

my current plan is:

  • stretching and yoga outside of work
  • working on the floor during work??

the latter is more eclectic but as physical therapists say "the best position for you is the next one." i tried this last year and floor working really does encourage you / make it easy to switch positions a lot. (standing desks imo are great, but the chair sitting part of the standing desk still feels problematic.)

i'm intrigued bc whenever i'm in a desk setup, i want to run away from it by the end of the day, my body is physically uncomfortable. i try to let go of that sensation through mindfulness but it still feels like it isn't great for my body.

so i'm running an experiment where i try floor working for a week. (i already have a foldable floor table so this wasn't that hard. the new thing is i put a monitor on it.) let's see if i can get through it without pain. last time i did have some, i think i transitioned into it too fast. i want to do stretches / certain positions to see if that helps etc.

here are some relevant links for the curious:

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