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freestyle poetry session 5.17.23

freestyle poetry session 5.17.23
Photo by Enzo Ticà / Unsplash


I live on Metropolitan
in Williamsburg so I’m a charlatan
I too fit the meme
I followed the dream
Hayes Valley, no more. I live in Willy B

at Devocion I get coffee
at that one matcha place I get tea
yo, the walk score here’s insane
for this hood, I got the craze
yeah, the bodegas stock Soylent, but
let’s not talk about the rent


goddamn this oscillation
every month i got another fixation
i always crave a new kind of game
these phases, they never stay the same
this time it'll be different, i say
inevitably i lose the way
elsa said let it go, and so i shall
these urges come up, i'll hear a call
a ringing, like in frozen 2
well in that movie she chose to pursue
frick, she's not the best model
rishi, stop. you really can't dawdle
the clock is ticking. 30 is looming
your life is building up to something
is it? no i reject it
i gotta live in the present