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gran turismo

gosh, what an excellently paced underdog story. simple plot, simple characters, but tight writing and so enjoyable to watch.

notably, i chose to watch this movie instead of Oppenheimer and i'm happy with my choice. whenever i ask people their favorite movie, most of the time they name a Christopher Nolan movie, or at least something in the mindfuck or artsy categories. but me, i like my comedy, i like my tugs at heartstrings and my crowdpleasers, i like characters and the feeling of being moved over anything else. i love Christopher Nolan movies, but they're not my favorite.

some of my favorite movies are Yes Man, Kimi no na wa, Les Miserables, and the Spiderverse movies.

movies can be pretty magical imo in the feelings they can summon in you. i feel alive watching movies sometimes, and my takeaway is that i need to be able to see my own life as a story, to be able to make meaning for myself. become that kind of person that finds meaning in every small thing. because in the right light anything is beautiful, anything is a story.

i'm grateful for this opportunity to watch a movie on wednesday night. i was struggling to unplug from work in the evenings (started working in the evenings and taking breaks during the day) so today i went to the office, left my laptop at work and booked a movie so i'd have to close up shop.

it's so nice to have this evening to just enjoy. what a gift!!