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back to new york

back to new york
Photo by Eva Darron / Unsplash

i got to spend a month in italy and a month in california, having subleased my room in new york for two months. i'm so, so grateful.

italy has always been precious to visit. i can't quite summarize it all, i think it would cheapen the experience. but i loved the experience of traveling with my mom and my friend - that felt unique. in addition to that, i was really happy to give my mom the gift of that trip too. she enjoyed it a lot. i also was reminded that i love the italian pace of life and specifically i want more 2 hour long lunches with friends and family in my life.

california is also becoming more and more precious to visit. this time specifically, it's really feeling like home. i feel like after college my relationship with family wasn't the best, but now it's kind of amazing and fulfilling. i love hanging out with my friends from college. and i actually haven't explored parts of the bay area all that much, so it still feels new to me. i can see myself moving back when i'm older.

and new york, i miss it. it also feels like home. i want to hang out with my housemates, and my other friends. i want to go into the office and see my coworkers. i have a bunch of restaurants and coffee shops i want to visit. i want to sleep in my room again and also redecorate it. and mostly i just want to see everyone again.

i am boarding this flight thinking, how lucky i am to have all these wonderful locations in my life :)