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how to not be indecisive - keep a decision journal

how to not be indecisive - keep a decision journal
Photo by Vladislav Babienko / Unsplash

a friend found it curious that i had to sleep on a simple invite to go hiking on Sunday. i had to sleep on it cuz i wanted to make sure if i committed to it, it would be the right choice for me, and i still had time given my other commitments and chores.

but in hindsight, i could've come to that decision immediately if i took the time to properly think about the decision ahead of time. for one thing, hash out what exactly my commitments / priorities were and if i had time for this.

at work, when there's a decision to be made, I write documents and share them with my team for their input. I learn my decision through the process of writing the doc.

in my personal life, i could write notes for the decisions i'm making, and think them through. for big decisions, i could share those notes with friends for input.

i've noticed keeping some kind of log/journal for your thoughts and resolving the anxiety around them is a great thing in many contexts. e.g. to improve at procrastination, you should keep a procrastination log and to recover from depression you should keep a CBT negative thought log.

i'm thinking about doing a trip to italy, and i'm wondering whether it's the right choice of me. there's a tiny bit of anxiety, the kind that just comes with not knowing what the right choice is. but i really do think if i just journal about what the decision should be there i'd come to the right choice.