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i’d rather spend time with people than be alone

over the last few months, i've changed my mind. i'd rather spend my time with people, rather than be alone.

i started to realize this when i was traveling. traveling is so fun alone, and can result in good times. but when you look back, for me, i enjoy the memories i made with friends over the ones i make alone. esp bc u can talk abt it with ppl

visiting home (the bay area in california) solidified this realization for me. i spent time again with family and old college friends, overall some of the people i've been closest to in life. and i remembered how fun it is to hang out with ppl! ppl you're entirely comfortable, love for existing, and laugh a lot with.

sometimes in postgrad life i feel life can become monotonous. i have a whole set of realizations on shaking that up (watch the movie Yes Man and basically embody Jim Carrey's character) but the easiest way to shake things up is to hang out with friends, build a community and do a lot with them. instead i've been prioritizing solo hobbies and honestly TV, comfortable things over the slightly less easy option of socializing a lot.

symbolically, i'm looking fwd to doing my birthday with people. i haven't had a birthday party or gathering since i was 16. that's gonna change this year. i want to spend most of my birthday with people.

i still enjoy my time alone a lot. but it turns monotonous in excess. i find time with people rly enjoyable too, and in the long run more meaningul