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i’m going to florence!!

i’m going to florence!!
Photo by Herr Bohn / Unsplash

sitting at the airport gate rn and i'm so excited!! something about an international trip that makes me like a kid on christmas. the anticipation makes me giddy

i studied abroad in rome in college, so it's not my first time. i'm excited to have more italy experiences :) i like the idea of specializing in certain countries. i'm getting my "phd in italy." i'm sure there are other great countries out there, but they're not the one i've bonded to haha

i'm just living out of a tote bag, a carry on, and a backpack. to return to minimalism in that way feels really nice. in NYC i got preoccupied with clothes and had so much. it feels great to just have my favorite things instead.

i did a lot more planning for this trip than i usually do, since my mom's coming and a friend's coming too. i have better planning skills from work now, so overall really excited to see the plans come to fruition. i have a whole spreadsheet.

definitely different from my solo travels in mexico LOL. i didn't do any planning for mexico city and didn't even see the city center as a result, but so fun to wander around the neighborhoods

i'm not as into sightseeing as i am about getting the vibe of a place. aka what i'm really trying to do is catch a feeling ☺