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Epicurus on satiable vs. insatiable desires

Epicurus on satiable vs. insatiable desires

reading Tending the Epicurean Garden - a book on Epicureanism

Epicureanism is a school of thought contemporary to Stoicism

the founder Epicurus is dope trust me


there was a bit in the book about how it's healthier to have satiable desires rather than insatiable desires

satiable desires = easily quenched. e.g. if you're thirsty or hungry, you can drink water or eat and you're satiated.

by contrast, if you're after clout or money, even if you get some, you just want more. you're insatiable.

it's worth thinking about what desires you have are satiable vs. insatiable. i'm hoping to take a mindset towards hobbies, work, relationships that's like, i drank my fill today and i'm good. as opposed to wanting more and more.

He who is not satisfied with a little, is satisfied with nothing.

- Epicurus