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is this all there is in life?

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Is this all there is in life?
by u/Journey_951 in CasualConversation
I was talking to a few people today and 30 is the new 20 :-). We have a longer age expectancy and people are starting families later in life. I think one of the only reasons that people feel pressured in their late 20's/30's is because of the family situation. We can't put it off having children because obviously women can have children till certain timeframe. Whereas we can go travelling, get married, start a hobby or learn a new skill at anytime of your life really.
A new hobby opens a lot of doors out of the ordinary loop. It could be anything really, but the feeling of learning and being new to a foreign body of knowledge is really great for shaking things up.
The only thing you can do is to keep looking. In the end you'll have experienced enough and met so many different people that you'll figure it out. If you never look anywhere new, you'll always find the same stuff. It took me a while to learn that, and in the end it was forced events that changed my life for me. I didn't actively try for it, even though I subcounsiously wanted it. I got lucky, so I'm trying to get the most out of this second chance.
Kant? Kierkegaard! Has something he calls being lost in the infiite. Having so many possible options you cant pick a single one. Just do something is the answer. Go try bowling. If youd idnt like that, jkin a book club. I used to have a giant fear of mine, to be stuck in a place in the future and not have the options to be nomadic. My grandparents heard me talking and were like "no one ever gets stuck anywhere, they choose to stay"
Hahaha absolutely! Like the movie "yes man" but you have to he weary of the opposite, being whats called "lost in the finite" believeing you have few options and are confined to those few.... The point being, if you feel stuck, address why you feel stuck and break free! I dont think anyone who has been through shit in their life thinks that task is easy. So dont be hard on yourself if tomorrow you arent a changed person. But work on it, over time.
I get what you're saying and I hear it a lot from my kids. I'll give you the advice that I give them: life is a reflection of your attitudes, choices, and actions, not something that happens to you. Some things do happen to you, but very few are completely beyond your control. If you want to change your circumstances, make different choices. You're never stuck.
Don't know if this is relevant but today I met a guy who was a labourer in Belgium. One day he was sick of his life and the endless cycle of working and sleeping so he stopped working, packed his bags and bought a little caravan. He drove to Portugal and started baking pancakes with a little saloon while playing 80s and 90s music for tourists in one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal. The guy had the guts to change his life and is living the life he wants to live. Moral of the story imo is if you want more in your live, you need to chase your dreams and welcome change.
This is called an external locus of control and is something you need to change. It is something many people have, it is not a disorder, but it is a characteristic of people who are unhappy, depressed, and who are often bigoted, conspiracy theorists, uneducated, or low income.

overall, this has to do with attitude and gratitude :) and a large heaping of taking action and trying new things, making change in your life