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retro: June OKRs

OKRs - grading

Exercise regularly (conditioning):

  • Do bodyweight strength circuits 6 times 🟡 did circuits 4 times
  • Run 9 times 🟡 ran 6 times

Meditate regularly:

  • Meditate every day 🟢 meditated 25 days, not bad

Make progress on budgeting:

  • Download Rocket app, set it up, see if it's better than YNAB 🟢 done

Enjoy Italy

  • :) 🟢 so fun!

OKRs - reflections

I'm pretty happy with how I approached OKRs during this month when I was traveling. I kept them light and mostly about health - physical health, mental health, financial health.

I'm also happy with my output, though I could've gotten green on exercising regularly if I did a better job of managing my time tbh.

Next time I take a big trip, I want to try traveling for a shorter time (e.g. two weeks instead of four weeks). Perhaps that way, I can focus solely on enjoying the country, instead of trying to be productive as well.