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lofi is life because work is life

i shared the sentiment in a lofi hiphop chatroom that so much of my life has been spent studying or working, and by extension, so much of my life has been spent listening to lofi. in that way, lofi is my life. at least one stranger agreed, replying with "bros got a point."

i've long had the opinion that if you spend so much of your life studying and working, you better enjoy it. i don't necessarily even mean a particular line of work, i honestly just mean making that work more enjoyable. listening to music during work. or even watching TV during work, if you can swing that (animedoro 💪). or making jokes during meetings and taking them less seriously, or being friends with your coworkers.

if listening to music makes me 20% less productive, but i enjoy my day 20% more as a result, that's a win in my book. because life is just a whole bunch of days strung together