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micro breaks

micro breaks
Photo by Colin Lloyd / Unsplash

it's so good to take short, less than five minute breaks to get up from your desk and do something else

it's a chance to get moving, to let your eyes stop looking at a screen for a bit (which has de-stressing effects and is also healthier for your eyes)

anecdotally, i notice i can work longer when i take micro breaks (usually from the Pomodoro method)

my brother will shoot hoops with this indoor hoop he has

i've heard of people playing with their dog, or making coffee, or grabbing a snack

you don't want anything that would generate open loops that could make it harder to focus later though

simple movement is great. pushups, walks, stretches

i started playing beer pong for my micro breaks lol. minus the beer, and with just one cup. it's fun