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a third kind of Slack channel

There exist three kinds of Slack channels.

  1. Slack channels to ignore
  2. Slack channels to be responsive to
  3. Slack channels in the middle - that you can't entirely ignore but also shouldn't entirely drop tasks to be responsive to

Slack handles the first category and second category of channel well - mute channels you can ignore, and leave notifications on for channels you want to stay on top of.

However, Slack doesn't handle the third category well, since it lacks a "check at your leisure" status. But I have a workaround!

These channels - what I'm calling "Once a Day" channels - I should check when I have time. But I shouldn't let messages from them take over my day.

I can accomplish this with the following steps:

  1. Create a section called "Once a Day"
  2. Add your "Once a Day" channel to this section
  3. Also mute your "Once a Day" channel

Voila! Now you can keep track of these channels, without getting notifications for them.

This has helped me protect my morning focus time 💪

My once a day channels are:

  • Support channels, or any channel of the form let's ask the PM questions
  • Automated channels
  • Announcement channels
  • Fun social channels

What are yours?