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people aren't paying attention

people aren't paying attention
Photo by Justin Chrn / Unsplash

i'm pretty privileged in that i've discovered some things in life early.

specifically, i know how powerful meditation is, and i know a lot about the science of lifespan/healthspan - how to live a long healthy life.

i find this information asymmetry absolutely insane. like am i selfish in keeping this information to myself?

  • i know a lot about a tool to absolutely change people's lives + make them happier (meditation)
  • i also know about science/actions that could add a decade or more to people's lives (lifespan/healthspan).

it just occurred to me that i'd really make an impact if i shared this with a few people, especially those that don't read and aren't likely to discover this on their own.

i know it's not just about the information, you also need to convince them on the why. which i'm not great at necessarily.

and in addition to the why, you need action. i struggle with operationalizing things. but for others, i could provide accountability. i've been trying this recently. for example, i'm meditating with a friend for a couple weeks to help him start the habit. relatedly, i'm also helping a friend set up her index funds - her money has been sitting in a bank account all this time.

i could actually really help people here. i've never really tried to help people explicitly before. i've mostly prioritized enjoying my life, whether through hobbies, friendships, or mindfulness. but maybe i could start now.