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freestyle poetry sesh 5.11.23

i would like to write a poem
a koan
that was slant rhyme
what a good time
wago di wago di wa
blah blah blah

two mountains together stood.
one blew, there was soot.


really, there are nice things in life
and we're fools to forget that
do what you like
with people that matter

poetry is like playing, with crayon
or a box of chocolates
you don't know you're gonna get

the point of life is to enjoy it
have you tried whip-its?

i love settling into bed with my ipad and a good show
but sometimes i sacrifice that
in order to grow

the center of the home is the kitchen
or is it the TV?

a toddler drops his ice cream.
he wails. he screams.
his mom is embarrassed.

a girl age ten walks gaily with her dog.
zooey sighs. there are nice things in the world.
fools we are to forget it.

assonance is crass