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the best $50 I ever spent on sleeping better

the best $50 I ever spent on sleeping better
Photo by David Clode / Unsplash

I've had the most consistent sleep schedule of my life the last two weeks.

I'm not even fucking with you.

All because of an Amazon order on Saturday, January 27th...

Let me tell you why you should part with $50.

lack of sleep can f*ck up your day

I'm less sharp without sleep:

  • I procrastinate and lose focus
  • I'm less mindful and less grateful
  • I'm less smooth in social interaction (and I enjoy it less)

The last one in particular is insidious. I swear to god, I actually look people in the eye now that I'm well slept.

we need morning sunlight

Your body clock is stupid.

It actually runs for longer than 24 hours.

So without sunlight, your sleep time will shift later and later.

I do not get enough sunlight

It's a fact.

I work from home, and I don't get out enough.

I tried to take walks in the morning. I didn't stick to it.

enter... the SAD lamp

the SAD lamp I bought

SAD lamps:

  • Mimic sunlight
  • Help you fall asleep faster
  • Treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

I first read about this in the The 4-Hour Body:

TBH it changed my life

I use it for 15-30 minutes when starting work.

As a result:

  • I've fallen asleep in <30 minutes for the last two weeks
    • Previously impossible for me
  • I'm able to get up and meditate by 7:30am
  • I'm able to focus at work
  • I'm able to make eye contact with my friends lol

but also maybe it didn't change my life

I did have confounding variables in the last two weeks.

  • I also was taking siestas
  • I also became more religious about bedtime/wake up time


  • Sample size n=1
  • And could it have been a placebo?

Personally, I believe the SAD lamp had an effect.

Because I haven't slept this well, this consistently, in years.

The lamp created the opening for a consistent sleep schedule.

Then I seized that opening 💪

try it yourself

The Wirecutter has recommendations for SAD lamps here.

I bought this cheaper lamp that wasn't their recommendation. It does the job.

If you struggle to fall asleep, you gotta try it.

P.S. Make sure the lamp is 10,000 lux!