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virtues i want to cultivate

  • imperfection / acceptance - i am not perfect. i am what i am. i can try to be better but i don't have to have it all. i accept reality and where i'm at. no matter what, I'll be OK. i will try to accept my emotions as they come up, too.
  • insignificance - i am not the center of the universe. i am small in comparison to nature. that feeling when you look out at a vast ocean. also, i live only one life. there are billions of other lives that are so different from mine - my worries only make sense because i inhabit my body.
  • compassion - how can i care about others more than myself? how can i think from their point of view instead of mine? how can i spend quality time with people & listen to them & care for them?
  • patience - things in life often take time. a lot of unhappiness comes from wanting things now. if i'm upset with progress, i can try to ask if i'm giving myself a long enough time horizon.
  • joy - i'm here for a good time <3