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why hang out with people anyway? 4 answers

why hang out with people anyway? 4 answers
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we invited our roommate on a walk. his first impulse was to stay in and play video games, which he shared.

to that i asked, why hang out with people anyway?

what's the point?

we didn't get to answer the question until later four of us went a walk -

my friend said, there are three reasons. first, entertainment. hang out with people for a good time. second, to get closer to people you care about. three, social capital - build a reputation or a network you can use later.

then, the rest of us shared our answers.

I said, all of that is for the point of feeling good - you hang out with people so you can feel good about your image of yourself, or eventually feel good about something else. you do everything to feel good.

my second friend said, we hang out with people to relieve pain in some way. if we break our arm, we share that with people and relieve our pain. if we're bored, we can also hang out with people and relieve the pain.

my last friend said, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. and the best way to get closer to the source—God, divinity, what have you—is to interact with others having this human experience.


why do you hang out with people?