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your life is storyworthy (and you need to write it down)

Each day of your life has a story.

Write down those stories!

Specifically, at the end of each day, write down the most story worthy thing that happened each day in a few sentences. Put it in a spreadsheet.

Sample of homework for life

I've been doing this exercise for a few weeks and it's so lovely to look back on the stories from my life.

The exercise is called "Homework for Life" from the book Storyworthy.

This is legit game-changing stuff. I’ve made a public commitment... to do this Homework for Life for the next 365 days at least, and hopefully for the rest of my life.

- Ali Abdaal
Practitioners report that time has slowed down for them, their lives feel more important and meaningful, and they feel more connected to others. Homework for Life also promotes the recapturing of the past, allowing folks to regain and memorialize memories previously lost to the ether.