things i've enjoyed recently (4/2/24)

  1. A Time To Live (Living With Terminal Illness Documentary) by RealStories. An end date to life helps us see how precious it is. This documentary made me think, a lot. I originally watched it on a plane many years and never quite forgot it.
  2. Why I Moved to Harlem Instead of Brooklyn and 124 Best Things to do in Harlem, New York City by Kate McCulley. A thoughtful travel blogger moves to Harlem and shares her recommendations for the area. I plan to visit some of her recommendations soon.
  3. Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity by Andrew Huberman. Huberman shares tips and tricks for productivity. My favorite two tips. First, take regular breaks where you dilate your eyes (e.g. go outside on a walk). Second, leave your phone in a drawer during the workday.