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I don't wake up at 5am. here's my nourishing morning routine.

I don't wake up at 5am. here's my nourishing morning routine.
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I've gotten the hang of weekday mornings.

Here's what I like to do.

Take what you like.


Wake up - I've kept this wakeup time for most of 2024 successfully, see:

the best $50 I ever spent on sleeping better
I’ve had the most consistent sleep schedule of my life the last two weeks. I’m not even fucking with you. All because of an Amazon order on Saturday, January 27th... Let me tell you why you should part with $50. lack of sleep can f*ck up your day I’m


  • Meditate 20m or 30m - 30m if day gonna be rough
  • Shower
  • Breakfast (I also have some cold brew in the fridge if I need it)

I feel crummy if I miss one of these things


  • 3 virtual coworking sessions with Focusmate (I don't usually have meetings till the afternoon)
  • 1st session, I try to sit under SAD lamp for 20 mins
  • I love that Focusmate enforces 10 minute breaks. I use them get outside and walk for a few minutes (and dilate my eyes). This feels so good


  • Lunch for 30m
  • Sometimes siesta for 30m, sometimes a walk, sometimes work
cut 1.67 hours off your sleep requirement (by taking a siesta)
why sleep in multiple segments a day sleeping in one block vs. many the spectrum of sleep schedules Dr. Matthew Walker weighs in on the siesta... Greeks abandon siestas. Result? Heart disease. napping isn’t easy. a kind stranger shares. my conclusion Heh I can definitely swing a 20 minute siesta


  • All the times are rough, they might be phase shifted 30m-1h on some days.
  • I get knocked off this for a week or two, if I do a weekend trip with friends, or otherwise just have a crazy spell. That's life and I embrace that

I want to emphasize - I enjoy all of this a lot.

It feels natural to me.

I've left out what doesn't feel natural to me atm (e.g. gym in the morning, 1 hour meditations, journaling, intermittent fasting, etc).

Take what fits you.