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everyday optimizations

everyday optimizations
Photo by Diana Polekhina / Unsplash

today i noticed that my roommate briefly manually brushes his teeth with his automatic toothbrush first to spread the toothpaste.

i would never have thought to do this.

somehow there are these little everyday things that other people know or do well that i just don't know about.

i wonder how much i would learn by just shadowing someone thoroughly and asking questions.

especially in the kitchen. i feel like i'm heavily influenced by what my roommates eat and cook.

i'd also be curious to follow someone around and ask about every article of clothing in their wardrobe, and how they picked it. i also would love to follow someone around at the gym and ask about their workout. i could shadow someone's skincare routine, their laundry habits. i'd kinda be curious how they organize their computer, their phone. their budget.

so much to learn from other people. i should ask my roommates if i can just stalk them for a day LOL