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feeling fine is not good enough

if you want a life where you come alive every single moment of every day, you can't for "fine". if your job just feels "fine", your mornings and evenings are just "fine", your extracurriculars and relationships are just "fine" - your life

when i was an engineer at Flexport, my job felt fine, and I kept going back and forth on whether i needed a new job and wanted to quit. but now that I have my current job, I realize there was so much better (for me) out there and I got stuck in "fine" for far longer than I needed to.

i'm wondering that for the rest of my life. if i want a life where i truly come alive, i can't let stuff that doesn't excite me sneak in. i gotta be selective.

i guess this is another way of saying Derek Siver's concept. Hell Yes or No