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have your friends meet your family

have your friends meet your family
Photo by Yoav Aziz / Unsplash

i'm in italy with a friend for the month, and my mom is staying with us for two weeks.

so far this has turned out to be the most wonderful thing! she just got here today, but over dinner my friend and my mom connected and had this wonderful conversation about family, religion, life, etc etc.

i didn't know that either of them were so interesting 😂

and i have a broader point - there's something special about having your friends meet and get to know your parents.

this comes naturally to my parents, who are Indian. my parents have had all their close friends meet their parents and family at some point or another.

but me? i can count the close friends that have met my parents on one hand.

honestly, it's a free friendship upgrade. you become closer friends with people the more contexts you know them. you know, a work friendship is upgraded when the two of you hang out together outside work - say you go out together, or gym together.

similarly, you become closer friends with people when you meet their family.

so do it. have your friends meet your family. they might just surprise you :)