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how i journal in Notion

how i journal in Notion
Photo by Pauline Bernard / Unsplash

on a whim, i started journaling in Notion using the calendar view:

in this calendar view, i can create an entry on any specific day and give it a title.

i enjoy the calendar view because it encourages me to journal, but in a gentle way. i've been using 750words.com since 2018 which is great, but very streak-based and heavy handed at times. by contrast, the calendar view encourages me with the visual feedback of seeing my calendar fill up with entries. and if i miss entries for a while, i notice, but am able to hop back on it with good vibes.

i also appreciate that i can see and readily revisit entries from the past, which i never did with 750words.com or Apple Notes.

this has already taught me a lot tbh. i noticed how inconsistent my journal entries are over time, for instance when i look at my entries about where to live. i also noticed how consistent i am on other subjects. for instance, i noticed how my existential crisis entries generally have the same takeaways. wow now i don't have to keep having the same crises anymore lol.

overall, i do realize i arrived on a system that achieves what Derek Sivers' journaling system goes for.

anyway, try it out!