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i blogged about this once before but i want to blog about virtues that i think are really important. without looking at the last post.

  • patience - we often get upset bc we're impatient. we want results now. we want the unpleasant thing to come to pass now. many of our problems have to do with a lack of patience, not appreciating how long things take.
  • curiosity - the antidote to boredom and meaninglessness and existential dread. finding things to be curious about. also, being curious about other people is so good for our relationships, and makes us more charismatic to them.
  • side character energy - we aren't the center of the universe. we are but side characters. this helps us see our problems are kind of small in the grand scheme of things. alternate name: insignificance.
  • honesty - we should express ourselves honestly to others (but nonviolently). if we aren't honest, we'll have subpar relationships - we'll try to get along with everyone instead of finding our tribe. we'll let resentments build between us and others. we won't be clear about our needs, and so people can't help us get what we want. alternate name: identification and nonviolent, direct expression of needs.
  • acceptance - we should accept reality as it is. and we should accept ourselves as we are. we should accept others as they are. believe things are perfect as they are.

each one of these words means a lot to me.