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how to love your job again

how to love your job again
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People don't love their jobs.

It's sad.

I'm here to fix that.

Yes, sometimes you need to find a different, more right job. Yes, sometimes it's the case that all jobs suck and it's just about the money.

But sometimes you just need to learn to love your job again.

Here's how.

First and foremost, begin to practice gratitude for your job and your workday. Pick a friend and make them your gratitude buddy. Text them three things you're grateful for about work everyday, or at least whenever you remember.

Here are examples of things I have been grateful about:

  • Remote work - I don't have to commute and I get the time freedom to go on walks in the middle of the day, and cook lunch in the middle of the day
  • Bonds with coworkers - I really appreciate the banter I have with coworkers at standup and the window into older ages my older coworkers give me
  • Work I got done - I'm grateful for the work I got done today because lord knows I don't always get work done 😂
  • Things I did well - maybe I wrote a Slack message that conveyed a point really well, or I ran a meeting smoothly, or made an elegant product decision
  • I really enjoy strategy work and writing documents at work

The main point is to not the specifics of the bullet points though. The main point is to connect with the energy of gratitude, and feel that positive energy towards your work.

Next, approach your work as a craft*. In other words, approach it with curiosity. How can you make a game out of it? How can you play? How can you experiment and get better? How can you learn?

Adopt the mindset of a master. Amateurs find excitement in novelty. Masters find excitement in nuance. Think of sushi masters in Japan. They're craftspeople. You can approach your work the same way.

Finally, read content that inspires you (or helps you learn and grow at work).

What content, when you read, inspires you and motivates you about your job?

For me, anything about Steve Jobs lol. Often, podcast episodes with PMs motivate me. Or books on different products and businesses! Product talks at conferences, too.

It's crazy to me how much literature there is on quitting your job vs. appreciating the one you have.

Maybe because influencers that quit their 9 to 5 are too loud lol.

Anyway, remember how badly you wanted this career. Want it that badly now.

Btw, all of this advice is applicable to long term romantic relationships too :)

*h/t James for this point.

quote of the week

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus

God, I am so moved by this quote

It captures my philosophy on life so well. The concept but also the vibe of the words

I imagine light inside me overpowering any kind of darkness outside

I feel strong when I read this quote

I've worked a lot on myself in the last 5 years and I have an inner strength that I am incredibly confident in

Thankful for it 🙏