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be interruptable

some activities are interruptable, others are not.

in other words, when you're in the midst of some activities, people will still try and talk to you, in the midst of other activities, they will not.

i've noticed people will always come talk to you when you're cooking or eating. people also come talk to you if you're doing nothing. anecdotally, i also feel people interrupt me when i'm reading a lot.

when i'm on my laptop or on my phone, i'm interrupted less, but still am sometimes. unlikely to be interrupted when watching TV in my experience.

and of course there are other factors at play. if my room door is closed, or if i have my airpods in, i become far less interruptable. also some people are nosy and will interrupt you no matter what you're doing lol.

if you want to be interruptable, keep some of this in mind! especially keep the airpods out, in my experience

random thought but airpods make everyone less interruptable in public spaces. it's probs kinda sad. e.g. at the gym everyone's in their own world. i'm sure people are less likely to have convo with strangers with airpods in.

i have airpods in sometimes when i'm checking out at groceries and i know that's a missed opportunity to have a nice convo with the wonderful people that are Trader Joe's employees