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things take time

one of the virtues i've wanted to cultivate most in the last year is patience.

what is patience? patience is a word to describe acceptance and comfort for how long things take.

recently, i realized i've been developing a lot of macro patience (e.g. it takes months or years to meaningfully improve at skills) but still not a lot of micro patience.

like, honestly, cooking takes time. getting the ingredients takes time, cutting vegetables etc. i was never going to cook regularly until i accepted it took time. i could try hacks and cutting corners, and there are hacks, but i have to accept the time it takes.

similarly, getting to the gym and doing a workout takes time. in the moment i have to accept however long it takes.

the reality is things take a lot of time, and so i can only do so many things in a day. i want to accept that and do less things.