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June OKRs

June OKRs
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1. Make writing a bigger part of my life, as measured by:

  • Continuing to publish on this blog every day.
  • Publishing at least two quality pieces a week.

*I'll be the judge of what a "quality piece" looks like

2. Explore Italy through cooking, as measured by:

  • Cooking at least one new Italian meal a week.

3. Track my spending regularly, as measured by:

  • Setting up categories and allocated amounts for the month of June in YNAB.
  • Tagging transactions every week into categories.

OKRs - Why

  • Writing: I want to make writing a bigger part of my life. Specifically, I want to publish more pieces I'm proud of. I find it fun and meaningful to write and shape pieces out of my experiences and readings, and then sharing them with friends. But I don't get those benefits when I write throwaway articles in bed on my phone.
  • Cooking: I want to cook more Italian food. I want to cook more in general, because it saves money, helps me eat healthier, and I find cooked meals bring people together. It's also quite fun. I'm visiting Italy this month, so I'll find it very fun to add this cooking to my travel.
  • Budgeting: I want to budget. I started this last month, but I'll need more months to get this down. I want to have control over my finances, so I can save and take gaps between jobs in the future. That sounds like so much fun.

OKRs - Implementation

  • Writing: I'll need to set aside time to write, and I'll also need to maintain a list ideas for what to write. For the former, I'll try to negotiate at least two two-hour blocks with my travel buddies per week for me to write my quality posts. I want to try to write in the mornings, given I'll be working EST hours in Italy. For the latter, I'll just need to keep my eyes open, I haven't been.
  • Cooking: I'll need to maintain a backlog of what to cook, I'll need to find the grocery store / market near me in Italy (and go). I'll need to make time to cook - also maybe before work on weekdays. Worst case, I'll just cook off NYT cooking, but I hope to find local foods that I want to cook.
  • Budgeting: I need to set targets, even if they're wild guesses given that I'm traveling. And then I need to tag my transactions. I'll probably withdraw cash and then log my cash transactions, since I'll be traveling.

Health Metrics

I will also track/report on my meditation sessions (target: daily), strength endurance workouts (target: 2x/wk), regular endurance workouts (target: 3x/wk), and weight (target: maintenance).

Other Commitments

These are my other commitments:

  • Work
  • Italy Trip 6/9-7/6
  • Reading 4 books a month
  • Watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha
  • Planning July OKRs

I believe my OKRs are still reasonable even given these other commitments ✅