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retro: May OKRs


1. Work towards the best body of my life, as measured by:

  • Completing 12 lifting sessions of 5/3/1 BBB and 4 swimming sessions.
  • Weighing myself daily and losing .5-1lbs per week (outside of week 1).

2. Cook and eat home cooked food regularly, as measured by:

  • Cooking or eating cooked leftovers for at least 7 lunches or dinners a week.

3. Track my spending regularly, as measured by:

  • Setting up categories and allocated amounts for the month of May in YNAB.
  • Tagging transactions every week into categories.

OKRs - grading

1.1 🟒

1.2 🟑

2.1 🟑

3.1 🟑

3.2 🟑

overall, i'm incredibly proud of this month :)

i hit my workout goals, and put in a lot of effort and learned towards my other goals - eating, cooking, budgeting. this is the farthest i've come in all those domains, and it was thanks to explicit focused efforts, big thanks to me🀩

OKRs - reflections

  • i should've captured my other commitments in some form. i didn't take them into account and took on more than i could tbh.
  • socializing and moving takes time. should account for that.
  • to complete an OKR, you need to plan the work and do the work. for these OKRs, I did little planning beforehand, so I had to do the planning inside the month itself
  • each KR is work, not just each objective. need to plan accordingly.
  • should i have gotten feedback on my OKRS?
  • was 3 too much?