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kpop fans

kpop fans
Photo by Hiu Yan Chelsia Choi / Unsplash

today i went to a free kpop dance party at Lincoln Center. it was so wholesome and fun!!!

what a happy group of people. we were all so smiley. everyone knew all the songs, and somehow everyone also knew the original choreos and were dancing the original choreos.

i had a great time, and everyone else was having such a great time too.

it wasn't an adult party either. there were more than a few ten year olds who were a lot better at dancing than me LOL and so many high school students and their parents. thanks to that there was no alcohol and the party was over by like 9:30pm. PERFECTION UGH

they played Blackpink, Twice, Newjeans, LE SERRAFIM, Ive, aespa and a bunch of other groups. and they ended with Ditto by Newjeans 😍

at the beginning there was a dance showcase with lots of dance teachers from this one dance studio, and we also learned choreo from the idol Min from Miss A.

i can't express it enough. not only did i have a good time, but i could tell everyone else was having such a good time and that just made my heart so full 💕