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my april projects

my april projects
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i decided to structure how i spend time outside of work into "projects" this month.

  • i'm doing projects and not goals, because i want them to have a clear done state. i find that much more motivating.
  • i'm choosing the time frame of a month (over a quarter) because it seems easier to focus on something for a month than for a quarter.

my april projects

in order of priority:

  1. meditation get a meditation streak going again via Insight Timer + attend 2 meditation retreat days
  2. dating go on 3 first dates
  3. cardio run the half marathon i have this month without injury
  4. dance attend 3+ dance classes (attend part 1, 2, and 4 of Set Me Free choreo)
  5. aesthetic revamp my wardrobe (deliverable: curate a prioritized wishlist) + figure out how to take care of my beard


  • i had to say no to many items to get to this list, e.g. figuring out budgeting, learning to cook my mom's cooking, learning Korean, community.
  • this leaves out parts of my life that are in "maintenance mode" e.g. exercise, friends and family, reading, blogging. i will reflect on those (and in some cases, track metrics), but they aren't areas of active focus.
  • i'm bullish on the fact that i just have to show up to many of these session/class based projects.

meditation, dating, and cardio are practical pursuits - they'll make my life better now and/or later. my rational mind is the most drawn to them.

dance/aesthetic are purely for fun. my emotional mind is most drawn to them.

next month, i'll reflect on whether i took on too much or too little.

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